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NetStop Windows 7, Vista, XP

Latest Version: NetStop with support for
Windows XP, Vista. Windows 7.

Support for Win 7 x86 and x64 OS.

We recommend Office 2010, IE 8 and Adobe Reader 9


Full version and trial versions are the same application.

You may switch from a trial version to a retail version by purchasing a registration code.


Please register below to download NetStop 5.0. All fields are required.


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NetStop Updates & Setup Instructions:.



Netstop Setup Instructions (PDF)

Netstop Updrade to guide (PDF)

Kiosk Watch/ Ad Sys user guide (PDF)



Version previous release

Windows 2000, Windows XP


Account Pro

Latest Version: Download
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista


AccountPro - Used to create, update, and delete accounts (Pro Version)


Requirements: Subscription to KioskWatch, current owner ID and validation number.

During the first use of AccountPro, you will be provided with a response code. Please email the response code to Customer Support using your email address on file that is associated with your owner Id. Email tech @



You will be provided with a password to
activate Account Pro.



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Apex 5400 Bill Acceptor Files


The following are support files for the Apex 5400 Bill Acceptor.



APEX USB interface drivers