Coin Acceptors:

Microcoin QL Coin Acceptor with Front Plate and Mounting Bracket

  • High level of Security and Discrimination
  • Validates Up to 12 Coins/Tokens
  • Self-Programmable
  • Various Output Signals and Connector Setups
  • Rugged/Long Life Design
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • Includes face plate
  • International currency acceptance

You will need a PC Interface to use this product.


Price: $193.00


EMP 800.15 v5 USB interface onboard

  • The industry standard 3.5" electronic coin selector
  • The 5th generation of EMP 800 coin selectors sets new security standards in coin handling.
  • It will guarantee an optimal coin handling solution for indoor or outdoor operated machines.

The USB interface is onboard. No external power or PC interface is required. USB cable is included.


Price: $250.00


NRI G.13. mft 1xU USB serial cctalk interface


  • Proven coin validation system G-13.mft
  • Easy connection to your Netstop Kiosk PC (virtual COM-Port)
  • No additional interface adapter necessary
  • Download of driver for free from NRI website ( - download G-13.mft)
  • Download of demo program for free (
  • Netstop uses the standard ccTalk protocol with the G-13.mft.


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