MyFax Internet fax services introduced to business travelers

Date: February 13, 2006


Wireless Logix GroupTM and Protus IP Solutions announce the integration of MyFax into the BizCenter™ Logix business center solution located in hotel lobbies, airport club lounges and Multi-Dwelling-Units (MDUs) throughout the United States. MyFax, an internet-based fax service offered by Protus, allows busy business travelers to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts or the web. It also enables users to better manage their fax communication – reduces paper usage and allows faxes to be scheduled at a preset date, all at a lower cost than traditional fax servers or fax machines, regardless of physical location.

“Mobile workers expect information immediately and demand that voice and data keep pace with their business requirements and hectic schedules,” says Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus IP Solutions. “Partnering with Wireless Logix to bring our MyFax service to business people in transit answers a huge demand for mobility, accessibility and the capability to transmit paperless documents as needed.”

Faxing is a critical component to many business transactions where sales orders, purchase agreements, contracts and other documents are time sensitive. With Internet-based faxing capability, faxes can easily be forwarded, saved and stored digitally, allowing for smarter document management. Internet fax virtually eliminates lost pages, allows for immediate electronic document storage and ensures delivery of the document to the right hands. A key benefit MyFax offers Internet fax users in a public facility is document confidentiality. Using Internet fax service, business users eliminate the risk posed by traditional fax machines of exposing private and confidential faxes as they sit idly on the paper tray.

BizCenter Logix is a complete business center solution developed for public access at airline club lounges, hotels, resorts, condominiums, apartments, libraries and similar places. Utilizing the combination of secure browser software ‘NetStopPro’ and a multi-function device, business centers can provide users with high speed Internet access, printing, copying, scanning and Internet faxing services.

“Offering a business executive Internet based faxing capability in our business centers, provides them with the confidence that their fax communications remain secure and confidential with easy access through their email and from the web,” says, Abbas Sadriwalla, CEO, Wireless Logix Group. “With the integration of MyFax internet-based fax functionality into the BizCenter Logix solution, business center owners can further streamline their business processes and eliminate all associated costs of hardware, software and phone lines.”

About MyFax

MyFax is an Internet fax service provided by Protus IP Solutions. Protus IP Solutions – a high-growth application service provider – offers value-added Internet fax communication and voice broadcast services to businesses around the world. Since Protus was established more than 8 years ago, customers within the finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceutical and retail industries have trusted their outsourced communication needs to our reliable service. We manage 600,000,000 faxes per year, we deliver 300,000 pages per hour, and we dial 320,000 calls per hour. On-line Internet fax services targeting Personal, Small Business and Corporate users are sold under the brand name MyFax. Protus solutions are sold both directly and through a network of worldwide partners, including major service providers. Additional information is available at or


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