KioskWatch lets you monitor and manage your kiosks in real time from anywhere in the world. You can control the entire operation and maintain statistics on your revenue, all without ever leaving your office!


Kiosk Watch Remote is a brand new utility that allows you to improve your productivity and generate increased revenue. This secure utility software was designed as a powerful tool for you to remotely access, control, fix, change, update or query a kiosk without leaving your office.


It also lets you:

  • Provide sophisticated digital signage technology with simplicity and ease!
  • Auto transfer files, including digital signage content, to all your remote kiosks.
  • Get statistics on websites visited and applications used.

View real time reports of all your kiosks Always know the status of your kiosks 24/7/365. You can see in one glance which kiosks are up and running on the network.


Get instant statistics You receive the most up-to-date reports about your kiosk hardware and software settings. Standard reports tell you when each of your kiosks last reported, when they were last used, when they last rebooted, and their IP address.


Look for email notification KioskWatch sends you e-mail and SMS (text message) alerts when your kiosk is not functioning properly.


Get remote bookkeeping capabilities WebStats is your remote bookkeeper. You don't need to physically visit each kiosk to verify the income generated.


Create customer accounts Account Pro allows you to create bulk access codes, for fast creation of accounts. It will also allow you to view any access codes you currently have, and allow you to edit or delete them.


Maintain and view account usage Track account usage through your kiosk network, and monitor which locations are most active and profitable.


Allow customers to keep account balances Accounts are never deleted, so customers can always have active accounts and use them anywhere in your kiosk network. This encourages repeat business and increases revenue.


KioskWatch is affordable Just $10 a month per license. Subscription is prepaid quarterly per license per kiosk.


Kiosk Watch is the feature you can't be without!